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Please visit our state-of-the-art medical facility
or call 503-343-9735 to schedule an appointment.
We’re located at 3996 Douglas Way
Lake Oswego, OR 97035.

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Welcome to Parkway Veterinary Hospital!
A proud partner of Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego.

Discover what we can do for you and your pet today.

On-Line Pharmacy

Home Delivery now available
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Pet of the Month

This handsome young dog is Charlie. Charlie recently presented as a semi-urgent case when his owner noticed he was acting very strange after a walk.
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Our Services

Parkway Veterinary Hospital in Lake Oswego, Oregon is proud to offer a comprehensive range of services to address your pet’s specific veterinary needs. Call today to schedule an appointment at our Lake Oswego Vet clinic.

Acupuncture - Parkway Veterinary Hospital


Acupuncture can be defined as the insertion of tiny needles into speci...

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Senior Pet Health - Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Senior Pet Health

Dogs and Cats are living longer today than they did in the past. This ...

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Diagnostic Testing - Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Diagnostic Testing

Our full service laboratory allows us to run necessary tests on your p...

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Preventative Medicine - Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Preventative Medicine

Raising happy, healthy animals is important. Routine health exams, vac...

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Dental Care - Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Dental Care

Brushing your dog or cat’s teeth is the easiest way to prevent o...

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Behavior Counseling - Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Behavior Counseling

Our Veterinarians have experienced many issues related to undesirable ...

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Surgery - Parkway Veterinary Hospital


To maintain a sterile environment for all of our surgeries, we have a ...

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Pharmacy - Parkway Veterinary Hospital


For your convenience, our hospital can accommodate your pet’s prescr...

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A Network of Specialists - Parkway Veterinary Hospital

A Network of Specialists

The Doctors at The Parkway Veterinary Hospital work closely with Board...

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Retail - Parkway Veterinary Hospital


Visit our lobby for a selection of Veterinary quality pet foods, leash...

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Exotic Medicine - Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Exotic Medicine

Our veterinarians are trained in caring for your exotic pets. Reptiles...

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